Network Security – A Threat Faced By All Businesses

Having your IT network security compromised could have a huge cost impact on your business. Taking some simple steps now could save a lot of time, money and stress in the future.

No matter how large or small your organisation, it will probably depend on a computer network to operate efficiently. This might link staff based in a single office, those working at other locations or those who work off site at home or on the road. With such a dependence on this IT network it is hardly surprising that network security has become one of the key issues of the modern world.


It is not just the threat of confidential or sensitive data being accessed by unauthorised and possibly malicious outsiders, but also the considerable expense of the time lost repairing the damage.


Office based servers have, and will continue to provide business IT networks to companies, with on-premise systems still accounting for the majority of preferred network infrastructures. If we are to continue to embrace the traditional means of hosting our systems we do need to be aware of threats, both internal and external and how we go about protecting our networks.


And as technology changes, so do the threats that we are being presented with. Firewall technology has historically been relatively simple, though taking into consideration the advancements in cyber-crime over the past decade, software and hardware has gradually evolved and the inspection engines that support our network security have been developed.


These days the protection that can be applied to our networks should ideally be scalable, so as we and our networks grow, so do the security solutions that are implemented.


At Southern Voice and Data our preferred solution to network security requirements is SonicWALL. This clever device can offer a multitude of functions and can be adapted to any network offering intrusion prevention, application intelligence, VPN in addition to a number of other security features that will best protect your network.


Key Features of SonicWALL

  • All traffic is scanned prior to entering your network without affecting your network’s performance
  • Equipped to deal with multiple intrusions via IPS (intrusion protection service) with integral advanced anti-evasion capabilities
  • Offers a secure mobile access solution, enabling collaboration between your workforce whilst also protecting your systems against unauthorised access and malware attacks
  • Manages inbound and outbound threats at high speed, continually rejecting inbound advances from a hostile source, regardless of how many times the malware may mutate and re-engage
  • Automatically manages multiple threats without the need for you to apply valuable resources to the process
  • Reporting function provides a complete breakdown of all potential attacks
  • Provides application traffic analytics so that an organisation can be aware of where peaks in network activity may be affecting performance
  • Privileges for users, groups and even devices can be managed to ensure that the network can continue to operate efficiently


Prevention is always better than cure and installing network security before there is any breach is always preferable to the time and expense taken to rectify any damage.