Communications Solutions for Schools

Improving Parent – School Communications

At Southern Voice & Data we have worked with a hugely varied range of clients from both the commercial and public sectors. One of our principal objectives is to improve both the internal and external communication capabilities of the client, whether this is through upgrading their telephone systems or introducing more efficient data handling and distribution networks.

In no sector is this more important that education. The ability for a school to effectively communicate with the parents of students has been shown to considerably enhance this relationship for the benefit of all concerned.

We have partnered with Oak Telecom to offer the Parent Connect software application to the education sector. This powerful ‘total communication’ tool integrates a school’s telephone system with school administration software to bring parent communication right up to date and improve the efficiency and effectiveness of internal administrative staff.

It offers a significant range of benefits that ensure a smooth administrative operation whilst offering the opportunity to reduce overall communication costs.

By accessing the schools administrative database, Parent Connect can identify who is calling and display this information to the call handler, thus providing them with essential information in a timely manner. Previewing of calls also allows them to be prioritised which is particularly useful at busy times.

Parent Connect will also display the caller history and concise information about all students linked to that caller. This includes who has dealt with previous calls making it quick and easy to transfer it to the correct person.

The system also keeps a log of all telephone calls in and out which simplifies the checking of bills and eliminating unauthorised usage.

However it is when it comes to contacting a parent that the system comes into its own. Not only will it display a record of all previous communications and the reason for the contact, but will show all possible contact details in priority order. This can save a huge amount of time trying to contact the right person about any issue.

Although voice contact is by far the most preferred, by schools and parents, this system provides both SMS and email messaging capability which can significantly reduce overall operating costs – especially if a reminder has to be sent to a whole class or group.

Phil Horwood of Southern Voice & Data commented, “We have worked closely with the education sector for many years and we are very excited about the capabilities of Parent Connect as a total communications solution for schools and colleges.”

For comprehensive details of this time and cost saving application please download the Parent Connect brochure.