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Call Recording Services

Call Recording – An Essential Tool For Business As specialist providers of the full range of telecoms and data/IT services to UK based businesses large and small, we at Southern Voice & Data have seen a marked increase in the demand for call recording solutions. This trend appears to be right across the industry and […]

Communications Solutions for Schools

Improving Parent – School Communications At Southern Voice & Data we have worked with a hugely varied range of clients from both the commercial and public sectors. One of our principal objectives is to improve both the internal and external communication capabilities of the client, whether this is through upgrading their telephone systems or introducing […]

Network Security – A Threat Faced By All Businesses

Having your IT network security compromised could have a huge cost impact on your business. Taking some simple steps now could save a lot of time, money and stress in the future. No matter how large or small your organisation, it will probably depend on a computer network to operate efficiently. This might link staff […]

On Hold Marketing – The Not So Silent Salesman

Telephone communication is at the very heart of today’s business world but the amount of calls that are put on hold is truly staggering. Estimates and statistics vary depending on who you ask, but figures we at Southern Voice and Data have found, indicate that 7 out of every 10 business calls are put on […]


Many companies decide to keep their phone system long past it’s sell by date, soldiering on inefficiently, missing business, offering poor phone customer service and communication because they perceive a replacement to be too expensive. Southern Voice & Data can show you a number of ways to keep the cost of a new system down […]

Number 1 VOIP and SIP FTTC and Ethernet

VoIP or Voice Over IP and SIP (virtual phone lines that use the internet) have for some time now been the buzz words and phrases in telecoms, with adopters experiencing varying degrees of success depending on how they have deployed it. In my 16 years in this industry, never has something been so misunderstood by […]

Non-Geographic Numbers

On July 1 2015 Ofcom introduced changes to the way service numbers (also known as non-geographic numbers) are charged. Here we will give you full details of those changes and to explain how they will affect your fixed line account(s). Service numbers are used by millions of people every day to contact organisations. The cost […]

Telephone Security

At Southern Voice and Data we endeavour to provide our customers with the highest levels of service and support. As such we wish to draw your attention to the issue of security within the Telecoms Industry. A growing problem within the industry is that of unauthorised calls being made by third parties via “business communications”, […]

BT Telephone Systems

We understand that some customers still have a BT Meridian, BT/Nortel BCM or other BT supplied phone system installed by BT some years ago. These systems have been obsolete for some years now with the manufacturer Nortel going bust several years ago and BT no longer maintaining or supporting these products. Southern Voice & Data […]

wifi in your workplace

According to the Dell’Oro Group the global market opportunity for selling Wi-Fi equipment to small businesses will double from £447million last year to £894 million by 2018. The reason for this is simply because the Wi-Fi currently being used by small businesses just doesn’t deliver and they are looking for superior solutions. Perceptions have changed […]