BT Telephone Systems

We understand that some customers still have a BT Meridian, BT/Nortel BCM or other BT supplied phone system installed by BT some years ago.

These systems have been obsolete for some years now with the manufacturer Nortel going bust several years ago and BT no longer maintaining or supporting these products.

Southern Voice & Data will still maintain these for you, as we can easily source parts and have engineers still trained on them. We have been supporting customers across the country with Meridian and BCM systems for over 12 years.

If you are looking to expand your Meridian or BCM phone system, require extra phones or have a problem with it, please call us on 01793 863450.

Also, if you still use BT to bill your phone lines and calls, you will be paying far too much. With no hassle, we can reduce your BT bills by as much as 40%. On average, our line rental charges are 36% less than BT’s charges. For a company with 6 phone lines, this equates to a saving of £450 per year. Furthermore, call charges can also be significantly reduced.

Alternatively, we can also help if you are thinking of upgrading your telephone system, or are perhaps considering features such as Voice Over IP, Mobile/Remote user integration and reducing BT Line Rentals, we will be happy to help advise you throughout any upgrades you are planning to your systems.