There are many benefits to adopting a hosted telephone system:

A secure environment

Being located in our secure data centre, your phone system is safe, no matter what happens in the office.

Always up to date

Having your phone system in our secure data centre means we can seamlessly update software without visiting your offices, interrupting workers.

Scales with your business

Rather than having to buy extension cards and hardware for a traditional office phone system when you grow, we can simply add extensions to your system as and when you need them.

A complete choice of numbering

With SIP trunking and VoIP, a hosted system allows you to choose any geographic or non-geographic number for your business.

Free calls between users

Whether working in different offices, working from home or in any remote location, calls will be free between your phones.

No costly maintenance contract

Maintenance is carried out seamlessly in our remote data centres.

Future proofs your business communications

There is no need to replace your phone system in the future.

Features beyond traditional telephony systems

Voice of IP and Hosted Telephony offers countless features which are either costly or simply not available on a traditional telephone system.

No Maintenance Costs

Southern Voice Data will regularly upgrade software levels, adding new features and services to the Hosted Telephony System remotely so you benefit from the new features and services. This means you don’t pay for an engineer to visit site to upgrade or worse still replace, your individual system.

Multi-Site Offices Work as One

If you have more than one office using Hosted Telephony, Southern Voice and Data can connect all extensions from all locations as if they were in the same place. Each user has an assigned short extension number enabling simple call transfers between sites and effective conference calling. Calls between different sites are free and field based employees or staff moving around multiple sites can pick up their calls at all locations as if it was their permanent desk.

Built-in Home Working or Remote Working

In the same way employees can work from multiple offices, Hosted Telephone Systems let users work from home or any location that has access to the internet.

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Built-in Disaster Recovery

Disaster Recovery is essential to many businesses today. Hosted Telephony Systems have built in disaster recover to keep any disruption to your business to a minimum.

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