The Ericsson-LG iCall Suite provides complete communications management that integrates with your telephone system. Users can view real-time and historical call data, see the status of other extensions and securely record all telephone calls.

Available through Southern Voice and Data, in five fully integrated modules, iCall Suite provides all the business tools you need for your telephone system.

Because you can only manage what you measure, the reporting function of iCall Suite provides the manager with comprehensive data on call traffic and costs for single or multiple sites, with the ability to charge costs to different individuals, departments or clients.

Call Traffic Reporting

Analysing call activity can:

  • Help you to retain customers by improving customer service
  • Improve call handling techniques
  • Detect telephone fraud early
  • Maximise the return on your telecoms investment

Call Recording

The call recording function can be used to store, find, playback, archive and email encrypted recordings. This provides the business with a host of benefits as call recording can;

  • Improve company standards and customer care by monitoring call quality and staff performance.
  • Resolve disputes by confirming details of “who said what” from a call
  • Protect staff from abuse.
  • Be used as a training aid to improve call handling techniques and customer interaction performance.
  • Ensure regulatory compliance (for FSA regulated companies)
  • Comply with Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI DSS) for taking card payments over the phone
  • Encrypted recording are legally admissible in court

Contact Centre Reporting

Delivers detailed performance reports for the contact centre and individual teams. Up to the minute statistics on up to 10 key performance parameters can be shown on a supervisor’s desktop PC or large screens for all to see.

Contact Centre Agent

This Simple to use and simple to set up function can increase the number of effective calls per hour and make agents’ working lives easier by:

  • Eradicating dialling errors
  • Automatically findinge right screen to speed up data entry / avoid duplications.
  • Minimising database searches and avoiding gathering data twice.
  • Gathering, cross-referencing and analysing customer data. More informed callers lead to less repetition on calls, efficient conversations and vastly improved customer service.

Automated dialling

Call handlers will spend more time talking and less time dialling with the Contact Centre Progressive and Predictive Diallers.

Progressive dialling

This eliminates silent calls in line with recent Ofcom dialling regulations but still delivers productivity. Once an agent has indicated that they are ready for a call, information about the next call is presented to them and the number is dialled immediately.

Predictive dialling

This is most effective in campaigns that are fairly straightforward, such as commodity product sales. A predictive dialler connects to ‘live’ callers as soon as an agent completes the previous transaction.

Easy to use, this feature saves time and increases productivity as call handlers can:

  • Handle more calls.
  • Receive call information when they need it, rather than looking up the next call.
  • Remove the time taken up by waiting for an answer.
  • Avoid manual dialling errors.
  • Avoid missed call backs.