The Ericsson-LG iPECS Attendant available from Southern Voice and Data is a powerful PC based switchboard operator console that allows your busy receptionist to route calls with the click of a mouse, or drag and drop without switching PC and phone.

The monitoring window shows the status of all users meaning that, at a glance, the operator can if necessary take alternate action, such as send the call to voicemail, send a text message or just click the extension icon to transfer.

The iPECS Attendant has an integral softphone allowing the switchboard operator to be fully productive with or without an actual desk handset. This can reduce the total cost of the system without jeopardizing call quality.

The operator can easily add, modify and delete contact phone numbers as well as import and export external data from and to the directory.

Some of the key features of iPECS Attendant:

Simple User Interface

  • Optional icon or list type extension display mode
  • Monitoring window, queue window and tool bar
  • Busy Lamp Field (BLF) and status information display
  • Shortcut keys for frequently used functions
  • Modification to extension setting: name, COS, Temporary COS, operator cancel, music selection
  • Operator status change: Day / Night / On demand / Weekend / Auto ring / Forward
  • Easy to change the display layout

Simple Directory and Database Management

  • Local phone book import and export
  • Database and system component back up to the local hard disk drive
  • Multiple local database interface
  • Phone book management: register / edit / delete, multiple database fields, dynamic search / sort / filter
  • Various options for conducting queries

Flexible Call Handling

  • Access to various call features of the iPECS platform via embedded soft phone
  • Simple call transfer, conference, call park, hold & retrieve, redial, mute, call pick-up, call answer, restriction, series call
  • Operator can forward calls to alternative destinations (call park, page/message and e-mail)
  • Screen pop up
  • Drag and drop call control
  • Call queue management: display name, date, waiting time, destination and call type (external, recall, etc.)
  • Manual trunk selection for urgent outgoing call
  • Internal text messages can be sent and received
  • Wake up call management
  • Keypad dialing, click to call from the phone book, station icon or log view for making outbound calls
  • Optional iPECS Attendant Hotel version for hotel functionalities

For detailed technical and function information please download the iPECS Attendant datasheet