iPECS is a highly featured IP communications solution for business seeking to take advantage of the latest technology in order to improve productivity whilst also controlling their costs. With more than 30 years’ experience in developing voice communication solutions for businesses, Ericsson-LG understands how to deliver class leading products that provide real competitive advantage.

iPECS has a range of call servers, based on the size of organisation, supporting 50, 100, 300, 600 and 1200 ports. Based on IP technology, iPECS has a flexible and unique architecture making it easy to provide a rich communication experience to system users, independent of their location or device.

As well as a range of highly featured and easy to use IP terminals, iPECS users can opt to manage their communication using desktop applications, wireless handsets and mobility applications running on smart phones.

iPECS also supports a wide range of networking features allowing users spread across multiple locations to be connected seamlessly and access common features and applications. iPECS is highly resilient and offers a number of redundancy options usually only found on much large systems, to ensure your continuity of service.

Ericsson-LG also offers a range of business applications developed specifically for iPECS including Unified Communications, Call Recording, Multi Party and Video Conferencing as well as system monitoring and maintenance tools.

Fully Distributed Architecture

Flexible configuration up to 1200 ports
Multisite networking
Remote extensions
Resilience and remote survivability

Application Enhancement

Mobile extensions
Multiparty voice and video conferencing
SIP trunk and endpoint support
Unified Communication (optional)
PMS integration for hospitality environments

Enhanced User Options

Email notification and message retrieval
Pre-selected and custom voice messages
Web user guides