The iPECS LIP 8000 series provides a wide selection of easy-to-use IP phones to enrich your communications experience. The range provides a solution that can be tailored to the needs of each user with six phone models and 4 types of DSS consoles.


From the entry level LIP-8000E basic phone which provides an affordable solution where a large number of handsets are required to the LIP-8050E top of the range executive phone, the LIP-8000E terminals are simple to use and packed with features.


One button operations and user friendly features such as the navigation and soft-menu keys enable users to quickly learn how to get the best from the LIP phone. Users can converse hands free thanks to the full duplex HD quality speakerphone incorporated in most models with calls of the highest quality assured through advanced VoIP technology.


Gigabit LAN connection is available on all LIP-8000 terminals except entry level models and support the IEEE 802.11af Power-over-Ethernet standard so a separate power connection is not required.


Key features include;

Gigabit support
Network management
Powerful speaker performance


For more information, feel free to download the ipecs lip-8000e series datasheet v.1.0.