The iPECS Phontage available from Southern Voice and Data is a powerful software package that turns your PC or laptop computer into a fully functioning telephone terminal. Convenient additional features such as Phone Book, Call Log, Scheduled Dial and SMS makes it an essential communication assistant for your business.

The iPECS Phontage is available with several versions to support a variety of clients all supporting advanced QoS tools to assure high quality voice and video communications.

With links to your contact manager simply search the name and Phontage finds and dials the number. Register Phontage with your desk phone and seamlessly switch calls from your PC by just lifting the desk phone handset.

With coming calls, the Phontage delivers a pop-up with details from your contact manager. You’ll know who is calling and be able to view details of your calling history. Scheduled dialing adds to the power of the Phontage as a personal assistant. The iPECS Phontage has all the capabilities of your desk phone and more.

You can enjoy three-way video conference calls with your team and business partners by using the video communication feature and the application sharing feature makes it possible to share all kinds of business presentation software during a conference call and any participant may edit the shared document from remote locations.

You can also store your voice/video conferences onto your local PC and reference them later using the voice and video recording features.

With the PDA SoftPhone software installed on your PDA, it becomes a complete mobile extension of your office system with all of the additional features of the PC or laptop version.

For details on the comprehensive range of features offered by iPECS Phontage, download the iPECS Phontage datasheet.