Many companies decide to keep their phone system long past it’s sell by date, soldiering on inefficiently, missing business, offering poor phone customer service and communication because they perceive a replacement to be too expensive. Southern Voice & Data can show you a number of ways to keep the cost of a new system down to a minimum with various ways of reducing regular phone costs. But business should seriously consider leasing as an alternative to paying cash for their new phone system. Here we look at some of the benefits of leasing:

  • Many companies choose to lease capital equipment such as a phone system rather than buying outright.
  • When investing in a new phone system, many companies prioritise cost over the best long term investment as a result of cash flow. Cheapest is rarely the best long term option and so a lease rental enables companies to have the best long term solution now.
  • Zero or minimal financial outlay with payments spread over 1 to 7 years (3 and 5 being most popular and our recommended periods)
  • Without the need to have the budget readily available, companies can have the products and technology they need now without waiting for budgets to become available.
  • Monthly or quarterly payments are inflation proof
  • Although you do pay interest on lease rental payments, but this can be offset once you take into consideration tax relief and the other benefits.

In addition, Southern Voice & Data will give you the option to own the system outright once the lease has expired, whereas many of our competitors including BT do not offer this, forcing customers to take out a new lease for new equipment when the existing system was sufficient for their needs. Or worse still, continue to pay the lease payments on the existing system meaning that customers effectively continue to pay indefinitely for equipment they will never own.