Non-Geographic Numbers

On July 1 2015 Ofcom introduced changes to the way service numbers (also known as non-geographic numbers) are charged. Here we will give you full details of those changes and to explain how they will affect your fixed line account(s).

Service numbers are used by millions of people every day to contact organisations. The cost of calling these numbers that typically start 08, 09 or 118 is often unclear, especially when calling from a mobile. This is why Ofcom is bringing in regulations to make call charges for these numbers clearer, for both consumers and organisations calling from mobile or fixed phone lines.

Calling service numbers starting 0800 and 0808

0800 and 0808 numbers are Freephone numbers. Calls to Freephone numbers are free from landlines and from 1st of July 2015 they are also free from mobiles.

Calling service numbers starting 084, 087, 09 and 118

084 and 087 numbers are general service number for contacting organisations
09 numbers are for premium- rate services
118 numbers are for directory enquiries
Call charges for all these numbers will be split in to two parts

Access charge

This is the cost of connecting your call from your providers network.

Service charge

This is decided by the original number range holder. For a list of the current list of Service Charges from Ofcom. From July 1 2015 you can also go to
So as an example if you find out that the service charge for the number you are calling is 5ppm inc VAT add this to your Access charge of say 4ppm and the call will cost 9ppm. This is the way that all telephony providers will charge you but providers will set different access charges.

If you receive calls on service numbers starting 0800 and 0808

From 1st July 2015 you will be charged your providers rate ex VAT to receive a call from a mobile phone. There is no change in the charge for receiving calls from landline numbers.

If you receive calls on service numbers starting 084, 087 and 09

From 1st July 2015 you will need to display the cost of calling your number. For a list of the current Service Charges from Ofcom please go to
The recommended wording for you to display is “Calls cost xp [or xp per minute] plus your phone company’s access charge.”