On Hold Marketing – The Not So Silent Salesman

Telephone communication is at the very heart of today’s business world but the amount of calls that are put on hold is truly staggering. Estimates and statistics vary depending on who you ask, but figures we at Southern Voice and Data have found, indicate that 7 out of every 10 business calls are put on hold at some point.


Not only that but the average hold time is around 40 seconds and that nearly 20% of callers surveyed admitted that they had purchased additional products as a result of information they had heard while on hold.


As telephony specialists we look at every aspect of a client’s telephone activity to ensure that they get the best return on their communications investment. We understand that it is inevitable that a percentage of the calls your business receives will have to be put on hold for one reason or another.


What we also understand is that what was previously thought of as ‘dead’ time, can actually be used as a very powerful sales and marketing opportunity. Here are some other statistics for you to ponder.

  • Over 90% of marketing budgets are spent encouraging customers to call and yet less than 10% is spent on handling the call once it has been received.
  • Nearly 70% of customers are lost as a result of indifferent or negative phone treatment.
  • Nearly 90% of callers in one survey indicated that they preferred to hear product information whilst they were on hold as this meant they were not just ‘wasting time’


For these very compelling reasons, Southern Voice and Data has become a leading supplier of audio marketing services, providing professionally written and produced messages for hundreds of businesses across the UK.


Don’t leave your customers hanging on the phone, use the time to promote your business. Experience has proven that not only will your customers believe that you care about their business, but it is highly likely that this will increase as a result.


See our On Hold Solutions page for more details.