PHONE-LINK from Southern Voice and Data is a simple to use software application designed to bring simplicity to your telephony needs by enabling all of the power of your Ericsson-LG iPECS telephone system from the desktop.

Through your computer you can utilise the power of the iPECS platform from within the applications you use everyday. With PHONE-LINK this functionality is delivered through a standard software licence with additional licencing only being required for deeper integration into applications such as Microsoft Outlook or CRM.

Each PHONE-LINK installation is licenced for your system size to ensure all users can take full advantage of the features provided by the iPECS system and each system licence includes a number of free Outlook integration licences for key users.

PHONE-LINK provides a new way of using your desk phone and communicating with customers and colleagues. By integrating the ability to make, receive and transfer calls with your computer, telephony becomes just another mouse click.

Increase Productivity

Using PHONE-LINK screen pop and on screen dialling will enhance your productivity and that of the rest of your office team by:

  • Being able to check the presence and availability of colleagues and having the ability to quickly direct calls to them
  • Having the ability to dial straight from your CRM, accounts package, website or any desktop application
  • Save time and increase accuracy by accessing callers details before you have even answered the call using a simple database match of the incoming caller ID with the database record.
  • Send messages to colleagues to update them or request a call back without disturbing them with a call
  • Keep your colleagues up to date on your current availability and activity with simple status updates.

 Improve Customer Care

PHONE-LINK can instantly display the database records for your customers or contacts with the incoming caller’s number being matched with their database record. This improves the rapport you build with the caller and means you spend less time finding out who the caller is and more time on identifying what they require.

User Friendly

With PHONE-LINK the transition from telephone based call control to screen based is simple and easy. New users appreciate that many of the features and functions of the telephone are replicated in an on screen application, with simple buttons and commands ensuring that they quickly get used to on screen call control. Call control is increasingly integrated into the business processes and applications people work with as they become more confident.

Easy Installation

The PHONE-LINK server requires only a simple PC and can be on a shared computer for small office installations. It can be be easily installed with a new iPECS system or as a simple upgrade to the current one. Set up is driven by a simple wizard on each PC with only basic configuration settings required.

Cost Savings

With PHONE-LINK calls can be completed more quickly as the system finds customer records and database files for you and just a few seconds saved on each call can create big savings in costs for your business. This is achieved by:

  • Shortening call lengths
  • Reducing the number of staff required to handle calls
  • Reduce the number of lines you require as call durations reduce.

 Application Integration

You can achieve desired productivity and customer service gains by making sure your desktop applications are fully integrated into your iPECS telephony. This is accomplished quickly and easily by using the simple integration wizards that are pre-configured into the software set up of PHONE-LINK.

The table below provides an overview of software integrations available straight out of the box. At Southern Voice and Data we are able to support other applications with bespoke integration work or by using manual integration features within PHONE-LINK.

Application Current Version Versions Supported
ConnectWise 2012.1 2012.1
eGroupware 1.8 1.0 – 1.8
Goldmine 9.2 5.5 – 9.2
Lotus Notes 8.5 7 – 8.5
Maximizer 12 9-12
Microsoft Access 2013 2000 – 2013
Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2011 3, 4 & 2011
Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2013 4, 5 & 2013
Microsoft Outlook 32bit 2013 2000 – 2013
Microsoft Outlook 64bit 2013 2010 – 2013
Netsuite 11 11
Sage 50 Accounts 2012 2008 – 2012
Sage ACT! 2013 2008-2013
Sage CRM 7.1 7.0 – 7.1
Sage SalesLogix 7.5 7.2 – 7.5
Salesforce CRM Enterprise Enterprise
Sugar CRM 6.6 5.0 – 6.6
SuperOffice CRM 7.1 6.1 – 7.1
vTtiger 5 5
Zoho CRM 4 4

 Core Features

  • Click to dial using telephony formatted numbers
  • Preview incoming caller details if they are in the directory
  • User presence and activity message for all your colleagues on the iPECS system
  • On screen call control allows easy answer, transfer, hold functions
  • Instantly message colleagues
  • History of all of your calls displayed on screen
Integration Feature Enhancements Standard Licence Outlook Licence CRM Licence
Show name of caller in preview window N Y Y
“Screen Pop” contact record N Y Y
Search application directory and dial from results N Y Y
Simultaneous search of multiple address books N Y Y