Telephone Security

At Southern Voice and Data we endeavour to provide our customers with the highest levels of service and support. As such we wish to draw your attention to the issue of security within the Telecoms Industry.

A growing problem within the industry is that of unauthorised calls being made by third parties via “business communications”, a practice commonly referred to as “Hacking”. The risk of hacking, whilst low, has increased over recent years, and can result in extremely high costs to the businesses that have been affected. In such cases many of the calls made are to Premium Rate and International numbers, which are much more expensive than local and national calls.

We therefore advise all of our customers to take effective action to minimise the risk to their business, including the following:

  • Ensure that your system is programmed with Call Barring for non-essential premium Rate and International numbers.
  • Ensure that all users with voicemail change their access password rather than leaving them at the default manufacturer settings.
  • For those of you who benefit from being customers of Southern Voice and Data network Services we would recommend that you use the “E-Alert” facility to alert you of unusual call patterns.
  • Ensure all passwords used to register IP communication devices and management software for either systems or individual users adhere to strict security policies
  • Southern Voice and Data can install voice Firewalls for a very low cost to our customers which further enhances security and prevents unauthorized calls being made
  • If you don’t have Voice Firewall protection, it is advisable to view your online billing on a regular basis as this will highlight any irregularities in your call traffic.
  • Hacking is often achieved by dialing into voicemail boxes where the system allows remote access. If remote access to your voicemails is not essential we would recommend having your maintainer block remote access to the phone system.

“Hackers” have taken to covering their tracks by dialing into systems during work hours and then dialing out to 0871/0872 numbers which whilst not billed as premium rate services still attract increased per minute charges.

Southern Voice and Data, whilst able to provide solutions which drastically reduce the possibility of being “hacked” by up to 99% for those customers who choose to subscribe, cannot stress sufficiently the importance of your vigilance in combating this illegal practice.

–Phil Horwood
Southern Voice and Data